Ethics and Goodness – How important they are to your profession

Professional ethics encompass the personal, organizational and corporate standards of behaviour expected of professionals.  Professionals, and those working in acknowledged professions, exercise specialist knowledge and skill. How the use of this knowledge should be governed when providing a service to the public can be considered a moral issue and is termed professional ethics. Professionals are capable of making judgements, applying their skills and reaching informed decisions in situations that the general public cannot, because they have not received the relevant training.

Good Ethics is a fundamental requirement of any profession. It is integral to the success of the business as well. Ethics is a system of moral principles governing the appropriate conduct of a person or a group. Maintaining good ethics is being consistent with the principles of correct moral conduct constantly.

An organization strives continuously to be in pursuit of its goals while benefiting the employees in building up their high competencies. In this direction, the adherence to high ethical standards of the employees can be very much contributory to the impressive achievements of business goals being turned out as planned and intended.

Ethics refers to human conduct as to make judgment between what is right and what is wrong. It could be that there are several factors that may encourage one to adopt unethical behaviour, but the right person is he who, despite facing ethical dilemmas, assesses the situations and makes differentiation between what is morally good and bad in order to follow the rules and code of professional conduct. Good ethics causes to gain confidence of superiors while promoting integrity, which means to continue doing right things even when we are not watched.

The importance of ethics in professional life can be evidenced by a number of instances showing failure of businesses and several scandals. It may be rightly said that the situations would not have been so worsened had there been observance of ethical standards. Therefore, maintaining ethical standards is must for the prosperity of an organization as well as the development of one’s personality. Good ethics will lead us to maintain our honest image. It will enable us to refrain from such activities that may discredit to our profession. Thus, adhesion to good ethics is to let our conscience be our guide at all times.

As regards showing goodness at work, it must be noted that ethics and goodness are said to be at the heart of professional life. We should not forget the fact of human goodness. Goodness means the quality of being good. It includes  virtuousness, decency, kindness, honesty, being good, integrity and righteousness of a person.

Showing goodness in the workplace is as much important to our professional lives as it is to our personal lives. This is such a quality which, in addition to increasing our level of happiness, makes room in the hearts of the people around us. This in turn provides a lot of professional benefits. One of the greatest benefits is that it causes others to form a high opinion about the person who shows goodness at work always. And indeed, a good employee is always seen respectfully by others. Since being good includes working honestly at all times regardless of the situations, Influencing the people around, it leads to professional development ultimately. At this point, the saying of Chanakya is worth noting, “The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction.”  Thus, working with human goodness and offering compassion to others is a great way to get personal and professional success.

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Written by:
K. A. Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
Writer, Trainer, Author, Blogger, Software Developer
BBA, MBA-Finance, MPhil-Financial Management, (MSc-Software Engineering)
MA-English, MPhil-English
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications and Programming
Certificate course in English language proficiency
Level 1 – Leadership and Management ILM – UK
Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India


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