How to set personal goals and achieve them

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

Personal goal setting is one of the most important things to do in life. The importance of personal goal setting can be understood in the above saying. If you want to achieve what you want and succeed in life accordingly, you need to set the goals first and implement the effective strategies in order to attain them. Some people are unable to achieve successfully what they want in life, because they undervalue the value and importance of goal setting.

Personal goal setting is one of the effective ways leading one to attain them successfully, while it enables to consider various factors contributing to the process of goal setting and attaining them.

First and foremost, you need to set the specific goals to attain. You need to understand the importance of setting specific goals. For example, if you want to become a better writer, this can be regarded as a specific goal in your life. Specific goals are set on the basis of clear vision. It is therefore you need to have a clear vision to attain the specific goal. Vision is your farsightedness. It’s your ability to anticipate possible future events and developments. Having clear vision involves considering various factors relating to your goal.

Next comes in importance in the process of goal setting and attaining them is considering the goals are realistic or achievable or not. If you set such goal that does not seem to be realistic and achievable, it is likely that you face disappointment. Goals should be achievable and realistic. In the sense, though they seem to be harder, but it is possible to achieve them. In this way, you may think that if others have achieved such goals, why can’t I do so? This process involves noting down all the related factors that can contribute greatly in the attainment of your goals, such as, your abilities to achieve the goals, the required time that you could spare consistently.

Besides, it is also important to know the positive and negative aspects of your personality. The positive elements that you are hard working person, you have required capabilities to attain your goals and you have the ability to put your efforts persistently. Whereas, the negative aspects are the weak areas of your personality. In this case, you need to consider the factors that might hinder your success. Likewise, you need to make a note pertaining to both your strengths and weak areas, so that you can make the most of your positive aspects while you can overcome your weak areas, rather, turning them in to your strengths.

While the importance of setting personal goal is being discussed, it is important to mention that you need to think big as well. Thinking big is a great way to discover you hidden talents and retain them. It is also a great way to unlock you potential and get what you want in life considering its all practicalities that are involved. It also leads you to consider what happens on the surface and see the bigger and long term picture, so that you can set your goals accordingly and achieve them successfully in your life.

After you have set your goals on the basis of your clear vision and considering your abilities to achieve them. You may pave yourself the ways for the development and implementation of effective strategies, such as, discovering the ways how you can achieve them, sparing the required time constantly until you get success and utilizing the positive energy of your personality.

If you are determined to do so, you will be able to attain your specific goals. Similarly, you can set different goals on the basis of your clear vision and your capabilities and so you can attain them as well successfully.

Written by:
K. A. Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
Writer, Trainer, Author, Blogger, Software Developer
BBA, MBA-Finance, MPhil-Financial Management, (PhD-Management)
MA-English, MPhil-English
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications and Programming
Certificate course in English language proficiency
Level 1 – Leadership and Management ILM – UK
Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India


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